Oh bother

Taking biology online and over the summer is starting to get a little difficult. I has a crazy week at work last week and came home exhausted nearly every night. Work doesn’t leave me time to eat (and I don’t make enough money to afford to grab a lunch all the time). I was supposed to be on vacation for much of last week and I had to postpone that because we were understaffed.

It’s not a big deal to postpone. I discovered I didn’t have enough money to take a trip I had originally wanted to. Well, I did have enough money, but it seems wise not to spend that money and to stay focused.

Anyway, so this week it’s Chapter 6 (Lipids) and Chapter 7 (Inside the Cell), and I’m looking for study tips. The best I can do with the Inside the Cell chapter is to outline it in order to commit it to memory. And the study tips (they have study tips for anatomy) at allnurses.com are extremely helpful. They really stress dedication to learning the material. No shortcuts. That’s pretty great.

 I just need a little more energy.  Usually I get my weekly exam done by Saturday evening and it’s not a possibility this week. I haven’t even listened to the lectures yet or completed homework. I actually scored an 81% on one of the homework questions, which was a warning to me to not slack off. To be fair, it was a difficult question and I should have attempted it when my mind was blocking me from thinking about it clearly. I should have waited and studied it until I understood the question clearly. I didn’t and I want to redo the question.

I don’t get any visitors to this blog, but if anyone happens upon this and can recommend excellent (learning) biology software, please let me know the name of it in the comments. I really enjoy the Mastering Biology stuff that comes with the textbook and would love to use software to get a stronger grasp of the material.

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