Bio wasn’t vague at all

I finished bio with a solid A. This resolved something for me that is extremely important.

When I was a sophomore in college, I was going to take biology and, having gotten a solid A in inorganic chemistry, I was flirting with the idea of being a science major. During the shopping period for courses, I went to three bio lectures and I found myself, well, skeptical. Now, I had a peculiar learning style at the time. I asked a ton of questions that generally started with “Why?” and I found biology and descriptions in biology to be vague. And I fell in with a bunch of people who wanted to work at investment banks and so I abandoned the sciences for economics. Math was more obvious. I wanted to go to college and live in a vacuum, the way they do on television.

So I was pretty determined about this biology course, and, I guess maybe my mind processes things far differently or maybe it was how determined I was to do well, but I did extremely well. It was awesome.

Unfortunately, medical schools want you to take it a four year university in person, so I’ll have to retake for my transcripts, but it’s nice to have confidence. Eight-five percent of all my anxiety was due to lack of confidence. But everybody grows up, articulates what they need to do, and realizes that the brain is a muscle, emotions can be the devil, and focus must be practiced (the tip off was that the most slackeriest slackers and the hardest working overanxious people who weren’t naturally brilliant at chemistry or Calculus made it into medical school or some kind of back up.)

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