Dolla dolla bill y’all pricing of higher education

Fairly recently, I’d been thinking about attending nursing school (shorter trip than med school(, but I’m pretty alarmed by nursing school tuition.  Since I’m currently engaged,  I can’t plan to abandon my fiance for school. He needs me. I need him. And in the land of Lexuses, tuition is not cheap. Yet these second degree BSN programs have more than enough candidates vying to pay $100,000 for 24 months of education and a shiny degree from a school better known for its foreign service school than its nursing or medical schools. It’s weird. I think it’s totally unethical for the baby boomer administrators to dupe nursing students because nursing is (currently thought to be) a very stable careerpath and the BSN program enables liberal arts graduates to redeem themselves. But it’s not right. The nursing students are going to end up being paid $50K to start in this area. That seriously is not a great investment unless you’re willing to delay starting your real life. My generation doesn’t have $100K sitting around in their bank accounts. Maybe in Mom and Dad’s bank account for the less self-reliant types, but most of us sign away on GradPLUS loans for that kind of program.

I also don’t understand the people who attend Ivy League med schools. My sister attended the state med school because it was cheaper. But the uber-wealthy/entitled are always the ones doing all the talking and theorizing and justifying for Harvard Medical School and Yale Medical School. I didn’t realize it was just a bunch of hot air.

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