Work is work

I’m at work, filling out a study packet for Chapter 8 of my Human Anatomy and Physiology class, and I’m trying my best to concentrate on studying. It’s tough. Working and studying is tough. We’re one team member down, so it makes it harder to peek at my textbook during the day. Nevertheless, I lug it with me, just in case.

I really enjoyed my biology course, which was completely online. I know I have to take it again at the local four-year university for more than six times the price. There was generally more to do, the homework and lectures corresponded with what we had to learn for the exams, and the professor was more conscientious. I’m beginning to worry that my A&P professor isn’t really even looking through my labs. He’s also not as communicative. Also, as good as it is to be intellectually self-reliant, the sheer amount of memorization is sort of overwhelming. I haven’t been perfect about chapters 7 & 8 and I have a double exam due tomorrow. It’s timed, which makes it tougher than biology. Also, and I didn’t want to raise this issue with him, but I think he’s using an older version of the book. He made us buy the brand new edition, but it’s not the same.

I’m constantly torn between being really active in online forums and discussing stuff with other nontraditional pre-meds, and just concentrating on my own work. I’m afraid I’ll psych myself out. I’m not as immature as I used to be, but I’m letting myself get nervous, when all I need to do is focus and learn the stuff.

Realizing how much there is to memorize so the A&P exam tomorrow goes smoothly, however, doesn’t really help. I wish I were independently wealthy so I wouldn’t have to work full-time and study. But that makes me worry I’d be all flighty and lazy like the kids of the uber-wealthy. I’d never get to have the fun that comes with working hard and working towards realizing an ambition. I don’t know if I’d really be as happy as I am, if I were insanely wealthy.

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