From the Center of Lessons Learned

Just finished my anatomy test on the Skeletal System and the Joints of the Skeletal System. I got a 98%, which was a total relief, because I didn’t do very well on my last exam and managed to get a 90%. Yesterday, I realized that the material isn’t hard, it’s that the times I haven’t done really well, I simply haven’t put enough time into studying and familiarizing myself with the material, etc. I think I think this every time there’s been a test in this course and then I fall back into a false sense of security.

I had sort of tried to put in as much time as possible during downtime at work earlier in the course using a web-based quizmaster type program. I tried to use AP Revealed to do fun online quizzes, but AP Revealed isn’t helpful. Or maybe I’m just not getting what I was seeking. McGraw-Hill, who publishes my textbook, does have a really good study partner site, that I just happened to discover today. I actually paid money to get AP Revealed (I didn’t really realize it was an ad on the book– I honestly thought it was a companion site for the text, but it’s not) when the McGraw-Hill site was exactly what I was looking for.

But the lesson again is: Study study study. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t have to study or you think you’ll do okay. Cramming (like I did for the past three days) is not okay. Even if you do work full time.

I think the other lesson is this: Be strategic about studying. Know what you have to know and know it thoroughly. Furthermore, make sure you figure out how you’re going to test yourself to make sure you comprehend the materially fully, even if it’s open book or you’re allowed to use notes or whatever. Don’t let your ego try to boost you by testing you on stuff you already know. Having a super solid set of study skills is the most important thing in studying science, as is knowing how you study best. Make sure you’re going over every single thing possible.

That’s all the tips I have for today. I have a lab and quiz due Tuesday, and every time I take a chapter exam, I want to coast for a little bit afterwards. Not possible. Tuesday is just around the corner.But I set up this schedule for myself so I would do two quizzes a week and give myself ample time to study both chapters (because the quizzes are sort of lame — they don’t feel like quizzes, just homework assignments). So my goal for Sunday is to have finished my lab and two quizzes by Monday.


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