Piling higher and deeper…

Having attended one of those high schools that’s all nationally-recognized for being academically better than inner city schools, it occurred to me that a lot of my classmates were total flakes and their parents encouraged them to be flakey. Okay, I get it. People have dreams, and if those dreams aren’t accounting school or pharmacy school or whatever, it doesn’t mean they are any less valuable. That being said, my classmates went on to spend a crap-ton of money to pursue Ivy league degrees to end up dithering around in their thirties.

One of my classmates wanted to go to med school around the time she graduated from high school. After earning a degree at an Ivy League school, she earned her law degree at the same Ivy League School. I’m thinking she got weeded out/stressed out about the competition, and decided it was easier to get a 165+ on the LSAT than to face O-Chem. Then, she decided to attend a school that enables her to be…not a dietitian or any kind of certified counselor, but something like health counseling (uncertified). I think the certificate she earned was also from this Ivy League school, which has a cash cow general studies/certificates scheme open to anybody who can pay. Now she runs a summer religious studies school. I don’t know if she’s still a pro bono lawyer and counselor at the same time, but, well, she’s not homeless, so that’s good.

Her older sister also attended Ivy League schools. Three of them, plus one public Ivy. Bachelor’s, medical degree, a master’s degree, and a doctorate program. Is she a medical researcher? No. I won’t say specifically what she does, but it’s sort of weird and involves interpretative dance and storytelling.

Okay, yes, both of them are cool and it’s great they’re doing stuff that’s interesting with their lives. I guess their family had money to support these kinds of trajectories, though I was under the impression that their mom and dad were college professors. They didn’t seem rich and her parents seemed to really want them to go to medical school. Maybe they have crazy loans. It would stink if they did.

The people I went to school with want to be more than doctors, lawyers, etc. They want to be thought of as interesting people with interesting lives. For people like me, that can get expensive and burdensome. At some point, I think you actually have say, “What do I want to do everyday?” And you have to stomach the mundane nature of work, or you’ll just seem lost, and your life is a patchwork quilt.

Some of the better off people I’ve known have kids who

I wish I’d never met these kinds of people. I understand the desire to explore the world and collect pieces of yourself, have new adventures, etc., but I think my parents worked really hard, and there’s value in routine. Hopping from one exciting path to the other doesn’t seem worthwhile to me. Maybe I just like real people too much. The kind that have to fight commutes and veg out with television to relax.

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