Know before you go

Recently, someone from my high school class died. It’s always sad to hear about someone young passing away during, probably, the best years of his life (post-grad school, engaged to be married, etc). He had a name that was vaguely familiar, but I couldn’t remember his face or anything about him. I googled his name, found his obit, and his blog. One of my Facebook friends wrote in her status that he was a good guy, but if someone who barely remembers him, like me, were to google him and find his online “legacy,” you’d have to think that this guy was not nice in the traditional sense. Calling some girl in a bar “a skank” and “fat,” and making fun of her is pretty low. It would be the lowest if her name had been revealed, sure, but this broseph just talked about how he analyzed her looks and she was ugly and gap-toothed, blah blah blah.

It’s too bad that people will have to remember his personality like this. Maybe he wasn’t a jerk in real life and his online persona was no indication of his character. And you have to feel sorry for someone who sounded so sarcastic and mean in something he put his name on. I hope the guy had some good times and was a nice person in real life.

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