There must be some way…

I’m not a big fan of late nights at the office during weeks that are especially pressing due to exams. It messes with my diet and my skin. It’s not the staying late or getting up early that I mind. I mind the not knowing what my temporarily sacrificing my sense of well-being is for, especially when these things could eventually lead to being laid off anyway. Luckily (and somewhat unluckily), I’m paid by the hour and could use the overtime.

I’ve written about the “dolla dolla bill y’all” mentality of higher education administrators. I could attend UDC and knock out my pre-reqs there, but I’m told it has a poor reputation (not that rep trumps MCAT). Two applicants who were admitted to pretty good med schools were not admitted to Maryland. They had near-perfect GPAs but terrible MCAT scores, like, the kind of MCAT scores a foreign medical school would reject. Despite being part of an underrepresented minority group, they were rejected from places like Howard and Meharry.

What does this mean? I shouldn’t go off just two data points, but Maryland is a tough bet. I’m a tough bet. I’m a non-traditional applicant and I can’t afford a course at Georgetown. One measly course at Georgetown would be two months salary for me. UMD’s Science in Evening program is very reasonable, but my work is not flexible and I can’t get to College Park by 7 pm, and they don’t offer financial aid.

So I think it’s community college for me, where rates are reasonable and financial aid is available. Sigh. I really wanted to put myself in the very best position, but it’s tough, and, we’ll see how it turns out.

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