I heard that Robots don’t get sinus infections

Work has been horrendously busy lately. I’ve been feeling pessimistic, irritable, and overwhelmed due to how busy we are at work and how it cuts into my study and family/friends time. So I’ve been unhappy, but trucking along and trying to lighten my burden. I mean, I wish I didn’t have to work and study anatomy, but I need money for rent, food, and tuition. Also, I think I work with people who are generally nice, but my team is understaffed. I was not bitter about that until I started developing a sinus infection. I didn’t know I had one — I thought it was allergies, plus it wasn’t like I could do anything about it anyway. But last night, I got a little hysterical because I was developing a pretty bad sinus problem and rubbed my eye and all of a sudden it got extremely red and goopy. Viral conjunctivitis.

I was pissed for so many reasons. I’ve never had pink eye. I have this “my genetic stock faced malaria and won” half-baked, mostly ignorant theory that I’ve never thought carefully about but always felt comforted by. It’s what keeps me from thinking I’ll get H1N1 or any kind of flu. But, needless to say, it’s not even a mildly convincing theory. It’s bunk, I know it, but it’s sort of my go-to “You can do it, Priya!” booster. Some people get fevers and stuff like that. Not me, I always think, proudly.

Well, what I do get are sinus infections. This comes after not going to the doctor and spraying store brand saline nasal spray up my nose. I don’t know if it’s the cause, but I haven’t taken allergy pills in a long time (they’re expensive and the doc wouldn’t prescribe me anything which would let me pay $15 for a month’s worth). Actually, to be honest, the last time I went to UrgentCare, the PA offered to prescribe me FloNase and some kind of prescription allergy pill, but…well, it’s depressing to be on a cocktail of medication. I mean, it seems ridiculous to think that I’m going to have use FloNase and prescription pills for the rest of my life. I’ve had terrible allergies since I was 17.

What I forgot was that this allergy stuff does trigger sinus infections, which freak me out. I’m not the kind of person who seeks out diagnoses for various ailments. I don’t want to spray FloNase up my nose to feel better. But what I forgot was that my sinuses (et al) end up getting extremely inflamed. And I end up feeling like crap.

But my eye thing…that pink eye stuff was insane. That’s never happened before. It’s disgusting. I’ve been overusing hand sanitizers and stuff. My gums actually ache and my ear feels on the verge of developing an infection. I couldn’t sleep last night, really. And it sucks because I have to study for an take an anatomy exam and my eye was weeping and full of gross ropey discharge.

The worst part was having to email my supervisor this morning. Today was our busiest day. I felt so bad about being sick. My coworker, who was my best work friend, has cooled down towards me lately, and probably because I was developing a virus and being generally irritable and fussy.

I never used to get sick in my early twenties. Well, I might have, but I don’t remember it like this, feeling all achy and miserable. Wait, actually, I do. Never mind.

I was going to go over to Urgent Care, but I felt too weak and achy to envision making the trip. Also, they refused to pick up the phone. They’re probably busy with people who are freaking out about having flus and real problems, instead of something that is pretty much the result of my not taking any allergy pills or using FloNase. But it just seems so ridiculous to have to take medicine everyday when I’m not even old or have some kind of disease.

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