I’m glad you’re infallible. Now let’s talk about me…

I have to warn you, my ego is begging me not to write this post for the sake of my self-image, but I’m going to because, darn it, I have perspective and I’m going to use it (mainly to remind myself that I’m better than this).

I was sick last week and did a terrible job on a chapter exam. Like “I’m a moron” and also ran-out-of-time terrible. I was fine for the first third and then started flagging. Tonight, I seek redemption by taking the next chapter exam. I’m determined to do as I usually do (though I put in a lot of effort and work super hard), but I feel sort of deflated. I don’t know what I’m scared of. Not focusing? Not getting it? Secretly being stupid? I don’t know. Who cares? I can do this.

I violated my basic rule for all tests on the last chapter exam. I didn’t do all the easy questions first. I missed ten points by not doing ten questions that were just diagrams. Lame. Silly. Inefficient.

Incidentally, I’m at work today. Work has been hard. Time-consuming. If my financial aid had come in earlier from the community college, I would have gone. Now I think…well, I have to save up more money just in case everything falls apart. Not that it will, but things are slightly less than solid for me right now. It’s time to get used to it.

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