Being impulsive is not cool

One of my worst habits is to be impulsive about test-taking. I desperately want to just take the exam. I’ve run out of questions from the McGraw-Hill website and just want to go ahead and take the test already. (When I’m tired, I get impatient and impulsive.)

The problem is is that it’s 11:19 p.m. and I’m flagging. I’ve been studying since 3 p.m. I’ve threatened to take the exam several times already but I’m worried it will turn out like the last chapter exam. And I just don’t want to bother getting anything less than an A in this class if I can help it.

My fear is that I’m going to forget everything I learned today overnight. But, rest may just consolidate learning, so I will have to get up early and get on this tomorrow morning, re-read the chapter, go over my notes, take some practice quizzes off the publisher’s website, and take my exam. Before noon.

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