A cup of coffee at six [p.m.]

A cup of coffee at six will do the trick. I am not a fan of coffee, but I’ll drink it to feel more awake right now.

I have to take my final exam this weekend. Due to the hardest week of work in recent memory, I’m behind on my study schedule. If I’m to take the exam on Sunday, then I have to complete the study of three chapters tonight. I was originally scheduled to do two chapters of studying a night starting Monday, but work got in the way and I didn’t go home until 10 p.m. for a couple of nights this week. Yesterday, I got home at a decent hour but I was emotionally really fatigued. I tried to read, but I was exhausted.

So today, I spent a good chunk of time studying, but it’s 8 p.m. Eastern and I’ve just now started chapter three. So I’m going to keep on trucking until 9 p.m. and then leave work and head home on the bus.

It’s tough, but a girl has to be able to pay her rent.

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