Taking a breath and starting again

January isn’t that far away and I realize I have to make up some rules for myself regarding how I’m going to approach this next semester.

Yesterday, my fiance guessed more than 80% of the test questions on the final correct and I really did feel stupid for slaving away studying this stuff. He remembers this stuff from high school biology and chemistry, and had a general interest in bones and joints from being an athlete in high school and college.

I have to remind myself that it doesn’t mean I’m stupid. It just means I need more general awareness. I was very irritated by this though.

Anyway, it’s not like I’m one of those people who think Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs to church.

In other matters, there’s a poster on the non-traditional medical students who claims to have gotten a 38 on the MCAT without having taken o-chem or physics. It’s in the thread where the non-trads are posting their acceptances. I guess it’s totally possible, but it makes me wonder how many liars there are on the Student Doctor Network, and why people feel compelled to lie when their identities are anonymous anyway. An attempt to breed insecurity?

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