The library is a scary place…

I’m at the library, getting an early jumpstart on studying for A&P I, and there are two med students (I think they’re med students because they’re obviously friends and one is wearing a GWU Medicine sweatshirt). They’re gossiping a lot for two people being serious about studying. I can’t hear what they’re talking about. They’re using that level of whisper that is impossible to hear but sounds like a swarm of mosquitos. One of them is talking about how something is gross. I’d like to put my headphones in my ears but one of them is missing the soft rubber tip.

I can’t help but worry a little in a junior high-ish way: Are they making fun of me?

One of the med students looks and has facial expressions like Kristen Cavalleri, with a slightly simian jaw. Her teeth look cappedand her roots are nearly black, but she has blonde hair and her skin is almost the same color. Her friend also dyes her hair, but the friend is not wearing foundation. Her hair is straw-like, from the dye job that’s fading out. She’s not wearing any makeup.

Personally, I almost wore a bag dress to the library and was pretty disappointed when I looked in the mirror. I did put on my makeup and brushed my hair. What for? Who knows? This library is in an expensive neighborhood but there are a number of somewhat weird looking transient types around.

When I fished my textbook out of the closet his morning, it was still covered in post-it flags from when I was studying for the final last semester. Everything is highlighted and underlined in so many colors that I doubt it’s at all resellable.

Just found my rubber headphone cover. The two med students just left. I’m worried some vagrants will come sit here now. If so, I’m going to head over to the Quiet Study Room, a big aquarium tank full of people who are asking everyone not to breathe and talk.

There’s a group of men who look like they are in their thirties holding some kind of group meeting. Bros. Talking about their feelings maybe.

I’m trying to come up with a better highlighting system so that I get overenthusiastic and mess up my book. I want to be superstrategic about studying for final exams this semester.

We’re starting with the nervous system and from what I can tell, I will have to be really diligent with this chapter. It’s only the basic structure and function, but I have to get back into the swing of things.

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