27 January, 2010 16:11

So second semester has started. We’re starting with the nervous system. I have to get my lab and quiz done this weekend so I can have some quality time with a college friend.

This semester, I’ve committed myself to going out more and scheduling my time better. I usually love just wafting into hours of studying, with nothing pressing to do and no need to be efficient about it. I’ve somehow gotten used to not doing very much and have to get back into study mode.

Our lab is on nervous tissue. I’ve been introduced to a whole host of diseases that sound random and terrifying. The demyelinating diseases sound the worst. I read about MS and immediately wanted to join some kind of run or walk for MS.

The trouble is is that there isn’t a cure for MS, and I don’t know if MS research is like cancer research, which can’t seem to get anywhere, despite the amount of money being poured into it.

Interesting how much money is spent on trying to find the cure for a lot of diseases. I’m reminded of a Metafilter thread where I was introduced to the idea that there will never be a cure for cancer and there was a link to this comic.

Which is what is going to upset a lot of people, I know. It’s overpowering and difficult to think that there isn’t a solution. You want to find a way to work the magic that will extinguish all the things that seem utterly unnecessary and horrible.

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