Never met a choice I didn’t like

There are downsides to every career. Most lawyers discourage pre-law students from going into law, nurses warn pre-nursing students that they shouldn’t go into nursing unless they’re passionate about it, and doctors who still have the hell of med school and residency fresh on their brains offer to pay you to please consider never attending med school.

I routinely discourage people from thinking about attending law school (too expensive, no guarantee that you’ll get a decent job or actually make a good career out of it, along with a number of other reasons). I discourage people from getting into PR because it will simply bore anybody with a reasonable IQ after a short time and, at the end of the day, media is not trustworthy and the masses aren’t really smart enough to discern where information comes from. This disillusioned me. Also, I’d always been told I was a good writer, and, well, a lot of people are good writers. It turns out being a good writer is not that important, so long as you’re pretty and love fashion.

But moving on, I recently came across a dilemma. When people ask me why I’m taking prerequisites, I started telling them that I was doing it for pharmacy school. My problem is this: It is really difficult to get into medical school, so, in order to be competitive, I need to be able to take my pre-reqs at a four-year university. I have some financial concerns with fulfilling my pre-requisites at the local state university. Specifically, it will cost me nearly the entirety of my savings to go to UMD’s postbac pre-med program and the Science in the Evening program doesn’t offer financial aid. UMD’s medical school says that it prefers that applicants complete their pre-reqs at a four-year university.

UMD’s pharmacy school, however, explicitly states that they don’t care if you do your pre-reqs at a community college. Montgomery College wouldn’t empty my emergency funds or savings. There are also a number of really interesting opportunities in pharmacy. My mom always wanted me to go to pharmacy school (mostly because her friend’s daughter was going to go, and it was an inspired idea. I had other ideas at the time).

So this is something I’m thinking about and looking into at the moment. Mind you, I haven’t gone and bought the PCAT test materials yet. I’m a little sad that I can’t figure out a solution to fulfilling pre-reqs that wouldn’t make my stomach ache (um, alternative loans to finance pre-reqs at UMD? No, I can’t).

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