If I were a rich (wo)man

Pharmacy school it is. I have read, researched, and am preparing myself for the Fall 2010 "Priya Returns to School" extravaganza.

Naturally, with all this worry about money percolating, it’s not easy to fall asleep anymore. It’s a long road. I won’t be able to get to start school until Fall 2012, which is okay. Unless my fiance loses his job. His boss has missed payroll for the third time.

I’m trying to think if I can get a pharmacy tech job. It seems really difficult to obtain one. I haven’t seen any that don’t require certification on Indeed or Simply Hired. It looks like I’m going to have to take the certification test, and then somehow finagle a position if I’m super serious.

Or find another kind of part-time job, and mix that up with volunteering somehow. As one pharmacy blogger said, I’d better get my behind in a pharmacy sooner or later. I need to stop being scared to apply and get on the ball. It’s already March.

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