Fast tracking

I was panicking a little about what I was doing by planning to return to school full-time next year. I love to save money, and the idea of depleting my savings on tuition and living expenses is really sobering, if not flat-out depressing and anxiety-inducing (note to self: allocate money for red wine in budget). The community college is not offering health insurance (This was very surprising. I’ve never attended a school that didn’t offer health insurance. My undergraduate and graduate colleges both required students to have health insurance) and I will have to find a private insurer. That aside, I also have no desire to deplete three years worth of somewhat aggressive savings.

But I have to go. I can’t move on in life and career by doing what I do now (proofreading and fact checking). Yes, I wasted my parents’ money on a BA and an MA I ended up rendering useless, but I’m far more mature now (mature enough not to spend $100K on a second bachelor’s or $50K + on a post-bac premed program).

So I need to figure out a part-time job for next year if I can’t finagle a pharm tech position.

After mustering up a whole lot of courage, I informed the HR director that I wanted to go back to school to fulfill pre-requisites for pharmacy school, and that I would really like to work for my company, in whatever capacity, on a part-time basis (20 hours or so). I told her that my current position probably would not lend itself to being a part-time position, but if something else opened up (I was sort of hoping for a receptionist or accounting assistant-type position), that I’d like to be considered for it. She was very nice about it, and she said she’d talk to the hiring people about it.

In the meantime, I’m studying to get certified as a pharmacy technician. Even if I can’t get a job as a pharm tech in the area, then I can at least show that I’m licensed on my application to pharmacy school.

So this is progress on one front.

I borrowed a copy of Moini’s Comprehensive Exam Review for the Pharmacy Technician from the Rockville library. I didn’t pick it up for a week because I was busy with A&P II, so I started using it last week. I tried to renew it online, but it has a hold/waiting list for it. I decided to buy Noah Reifman’s Certification Review For Pharmacy Technicians from an Amazon-affiliated seller for the princely sum of nearly $80. It has yet to arrive, so, in the mean time, I am using the Moini book.

I joined SDN’s Pre-Pharmacy forum (and am already irrationally jealous of people who are done with their pre-reqs and accepted to UMD’s Baltimore program) and read posts related to what the folks said is on the PTCE.

I also borrowed the 2010-2011 copy of the Kaplan PCAT Guide. Now, I haven’t even started O-Chem or physics, so you might wonder why I’m bothering with borrowing this now. I thought I could go over the biology part.

Additionally, I made a schedule for next year and realized that I can’t start Chem I (they are making me retake it because it’s been 5 years since I last took Chem I and II) this summer, because my dear friend is getting married in Hawaii (yeah, it’s going to be an expensive trip for me, but you can’t skip important life events of people who have been sweet to you and who you ultimately want to keep in your life). So Chem I will have to begin either in Summer II or in the Fall (though I’m thinking of working through the summer so I can save up more money). So here’s a rough idea of my coursework:

FALL 2010

  • Chem I
  • Physics I
  • Public Speaking


  • Chem II
  • Physics II
  • Microbiology

 SUMMER 2011

  • O-Chem I
  • Kaplan PCAT course

FALL 2011


  •  O-Chem II
  • PCAT
  • Apply to schools
  • Work (as a pharm tech, hopefully)

I hope this works out, of course, according to The Plan. The Plan is, of course, making me nervous. I need to brainstorm work possibilities, even if they sound like crappy, low-paying jobs, if being a pharmacy technician isn’t in the cards for me. I need to convince someone to take a chance on me.

And I need to make my plan more solid. It’s a little crudely drawn (and abstractly thought out) at this moment. I need to figure out what I need to figure out to make it a solid plan. I think it means I need to talk to people in real life that are doing the same thing right now.

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