Yeah, I know what you think

I work at a place that’s all very Harvard and Yale. When I say that I’m going to take my pre-reqs at a local community college, I think I see a slight loss of respect for me.

Yeah, sorry. I realize I went to a fancypants college did well there in a moderately difficult major, but I would be an idiot to spend more than a thousand dollar a credit hour just so I appear worthy of your amazing company. Sorry you have to know somebody who pays $100 a credit hour for school (and then some. What’s up with a "consolidation fee" of $700, MC?).

They can’t seriously look down on me for taking pre-reqs through a community college, could they?

I assume they look down on me for wanting to go to pharmacy school rather than get a PhD in Baltic Basketweaving Theory from some ridiculously expensive private school better known for its jackassery. Maybe I should get a law degree and go around blithely telling people I want to be an "international human rights lawyer."

I’m probably reading way more into this than necessary. Who knows what someone is really thinking? Yeah, it’s not cute that people have to be financially savvy. It would be nice if my parents were loaded, or if I were so desperate for approval that I would want to make it seem like my parents were loaded and I could live some lovely Phi Beta Slacker lifestyle.

But it is what it is. I was foolish before about spending money on fancypants degrees that didn’t land me any zexy high paying consulting gigs. I was foolish about finding a career path and scrambled into one that didn’t meet my needs for stability and challenge and mobility.

Right now is go time.

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