At the starting line

Well,  I’ve made it nearly 7 days as a soon-to-be full-time student. I successfully registered myself at two schools, signed up for health insurance, bought my books, and applied to a couple of part-time jobs. One is as a pharma sales intern at a pharma company nearby. It doesn’t pay very well at all, unfortunately, but I got turned down for an admin job at an early childhood ed nonprofit (I applied pretty randomly to a bunch of jobs because I was pretty panicked).

I’ve spent the last week applying to jobs and cleaning up around the apartment.  I was eagerly anticipating the New Student Orientation at my new school yesterday, and I realized how utterly stupidly inappropriate it was for me to be there. The new students there were like kittens who are a few weeks old. One student mistook me for faculty. That was my cue to exit.

I  scampered down to the bookstore to pick up my chemistry books. I’d looked at the bookstore online and gotten the ISBN numbers, but, for whatever reason, they weren’t coming up on Amazon. I learned at the bookstore that publishing companies have started a brand new racket: personalized textbooks. The apathetic doofus (he seemed like a total slacker) helping me said that I couldn’t get it online because they were personalized for each school. I got a little miffed and cooled off by going over to the student services center to get my ID card made (I look cross-eyed in it). Then I returned, grimaced, and bought the dang books. I did not buy the lab notebook that they are charging $10.99 for yet. I’m hoping to find a better deal online.

That’s ridiculous. Why would I want a personalized textbook? What about the stuff the course isn’t covering or is skimping on? Honestly, I’d prefer purchasing a standardized textbook so I could teach myself stuff. I may actually talk to someone about this.

In other news, I’ve decided to take up running again and exercise in general. I used to run everyday in college, like a maniac. I was a running fiend. I stopped after college because (I think) I used going to the gym as a tool to procrastinate and fill up my lonely hours with purpose and fun. It was rough to go to the gym after college because I was either at a gym well-known for being a meat market (and I wasn’t used to that sort of thing) or enormously lonely.

I’m considering taking a “weights” class at my community college or some kind of PE that would help me get acclimated to the gym. Maybe PE is where you can make friends.

Yeah, I definitely need to make some friends. Some normal people who take their cues from television shows about normal people with boundaries and limits and a penchant for having a good time.


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