First day of school

School went well for the most part. It was fun, actually, to be on a campus again. I live in a metro area and the school was packed. All of the parking lots were full. It was insane.

The eye-roll inducing part of the day came during chemistry. Now, I’ve taken both high school and college chemistry, and yes, it’s been 10 years, but I’m perfectly capable of doing well. I know this.

I took a diagnostic test for my chemistry class, and, like most of the class, I probably failed it. It’s been years since I’ve thought of molar mass or whatever. Bonds, yes, I get. Problem solving, I’m a little rusty on. I couldn’t remember how to calculate molar mass.

The instructor said that statistical analysis done by the department showed that anyone who did not score a 60% or above on the diagnostic typically did not do well in this intro chemistry course. There’s a chem refresher course they want students to take. She said that people could stay in the course, but that they probably would not do well.

I guess that was supposed to be a warning. Honestly, though, first of all, it’s the very first day of class. Secondly, if you want to do well, you’ll work your ass off and do well. Thirdly, the intro stuff is covered in Chapters 1-3 which she, according to the syllabus, spends 3 weeks on. I feel a little curious/annoyed that she wouldn’t recommend that students just review and review and master the stuff on their own instead of just dropping the course for a refresher basic chemistry course.

I guess I wish she’d been more encouraging. But I know how professors are. If students started believing they could teach themselves, professors wouldn’t have jobs.

Microbiology is going to be a little tough. The microscopy stuff was slightly lost on me. It’s been ages since biology. However, the professor for that was more encouraging and said to review biology.

All in all, a promising first day. Tomorrow is physics. Plus, I have an interview at a pharma company. I’m a little concerned about how much I’d have to bust my ass for everything and still work 15 hours or so a week. I’m going to stick to telling him I can only do 15 max and that I need flexibility, because I have to, as ridiculous as it sounds, win my chem professor’s trust academically.

First of all, I did not see her syllabus until yesterday

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