In ProcrastiNation

So last week, I took my first physics quiz. The next day, I dropped the class.

I did well on the quiz, but Chemistry had me so incredibly worried. Plus, I was bummed that I couldn’t finish my physics homework in 8 hours, meaning I couldn’t read and absorb the chapter and then finish the homework.

The first week of class was very intense. I get to school around 9 am because the parking situation is insane on campus. Then I skim the microbiology chapter I’m supposed to have already read and absorbed. We have all these handouts to print out and the computer lab person warned me that I couldn’t print more than 15 pages at one time. Fine. So I have to make sure I have the right print out for class. I try to fill it in as much as I can beforehand.

After lecture, there’s a 30 minute break and then I have lab. Fine. I re-read what we’re supposed to do in lab that day, and have a chat with whoever is sitting in the hall waiting for the lab to open. Great. Then lab is from 12:30 pm to 2:20 pm.

Then I have 3 hours and 40 minutes until my Chemistry lecture class meets. I go to the car and switch out my books. I come back. I then have time to read/re-read the Chemistry chapter and (if there’s lab that day) to go over what will happen in lab that day. We break for ten minutes and then have discussion. We haven’t, to date (because of Labor Day), had a real discussion class. We had a real lab class last week and did some identifying of unknown solutions. I was able to finish the lab report in class because she said she would be generous and it didn’t have to be perfect.

Now that my Thursdays and Fridays will be taken up by an internship, Tuesdays will be crucial to keeping myself academically on track. Tuesdays will be for rereading/studying Microbiology and Chemistry.

Of course, this past Thursday and Friday were misused. I was oddly exhausted and lethargic. I also spent yesterday (Saturday) having fun instead of studying.

I was supposed to start studying at noon, but I find myself in deep procrastination. I have a chemistry quiz on Wednesday. I have homework to do.  I’m going to go do it now.


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