Bacterial Betrayal

Had my first Microbiology exam today. I studied for awhile. I think I should have started to study sooner, but with my poorly paying part time job and studying for chemistry, I didn’t. Instead, I studied from 3 pm Saturday onwards.

A lot of what I hoped would be on the exam wasn’t. I went through the first page and a half very happily and then I started getting stuck. Then I’d go along and get stuck.

I stupidly didn’t study motility enough to get the bigger picture (oh, how bacteria move exactly). I stupidly didn’t study mycoplasmas enough. I didn’t “get” the scanning electron microscope. I am pretty sure I screwed up a number of other questions.

Lesson learned. Study hard starting now. Sixteen days until the next exam.

Until then though, I have major cramming to do for chemistry. Hopefully if I get a B in Microbiology, an A in Chemistry will make up for it. Cross your fingers.


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