Frustration au jour

My chemistry exam yesterday sucked. I’m pretty upset about it, upset about spending so much time studying and not having had the kinds of practice problems that could have been helpful. My professor is a pain. If she didn’t have troubles in her own life, I’d complain about her to the dean. She’s a mess. She’s totally unfocused. Her lectures are full of incorrect information. She blew through the last two chapters because there was a deadline in submitting midterm grades.  How am I supposed to explain that to pharmacy schools? That she thinks OH- is OH+, that she can’t do certain problems because it’s been a really long time since she’s taught more than Chem for Non-Majors.

If you want an intro chem student to grasp the material, you have to teach them the fundamentals and then you can expect critical thinking. Here, they want you to pretend you’re a chemistry researcher from the start. It’s lazy of professors, frankly. “Oh, you didn’t do well? Oh, then it’s your own fault for not using analytical thinking.”

Eff it. I’m taking the second semester of chemistry with someone who isn’t such a huge flake. What  a pain this professor is.

Update: Got it back, got a 94. I was shocked. I got one question (worth six points that she didn’t see the work for) wrong. I’m still changing professors next semester. I shouldn’t have to feel so lost.


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