Midsemester microbiology malaise

I’ve made it so far into the semester, and I had a frustrating episode with my Microbiology professor last week that’s made me feel…well, both irritated and genuinely apologetic.

He can be very condescending, which is weird, seeing as he’s taught this class for a long time and you’d think he wouldn’t be so sarcastic with us all the time, or with me, specifically, because I’m an adult and I don’t appreciate it. Of course, snapping at him didn’t make me seem adult, but it’s the middle of the semester, I’m getting an A- so far, and I’m always prepared (even if he thinks I ask dumb questions), so I feel entitled to being treated especially nicely, simply because I try.

Well, the third exam is tomorrow, and I tried to go through flashcards for the very first chapter I went over (antimicrobial drugs) and I knew about 9% of the flashcards. I’m shocked that I don’t know it. I pored over it all all yesterday and Friday (I think). Somehow, I couldn’t do it. It’s nearly midnight, and I got home from studying at S’s office, and I think I’ll try to go through all these backwards.

I don’t know why my professor is annoying me so much. Usually it’s my chemistry professor that I’m annoyed with. Now I’m annoyed with both of them. What gets me is that I couldn’t write what I thought on my evaluation because it was in pen and I figured he’d know my handwriting. Then, how could I ask him for a recommendation?

This third microbiology exam seems like it will be harder than the usual ones. There are tons of processes. I don’t know how they all work. I’m oddly confused by terms within definitions. I have to redo Chapter 20 because that was the first chapter and I guess everything I learned yesterday disappeared.

I have to get better at this “studying for biological sciences thing.” I don’t even know what kinds of essay questions he’ll ask this time. Last time, I was obsessing over figuring out how the stupid lac operon worked and it clicked at at 1:00 a.m. the morning of the exam.

We’ll see what happens, but I’m annoyed with him and annoyed with how much information I have to memorize this time around. I’m tired. It’s my birthday. I spent all weekend possibly studying in vain.


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