When you can’t quite eff it

I’ve been so frustrated with my chemistry professor’s style of teaching that I have sometimes felt unmotivated and had to fight through it. I’d prefer if she did samples of problems that she demonstrated in class. I’d prefer if she didn’t make mistakes. I’d prefer it if she and I weren’t on two different wavelengths. This is what I was worried about when deciding to attend a brick and mortar school. She is a pretty lousy communicator. She makes mistakes constantly.

And I think a good teacher gives you confidence that you have all the tools necessary to do well. With her, I sometimes just want to quit trying. And that’s incredibly childish of me. This class, this grade is about me. I have to learn chemistry. I have to do well. There’s no two ways about it. I can finally forget that she exists, because I did all the work necessary for her now. Now it’s about the department final exam. My intellectual tantrum isn’t going to get me into pharmacy school. I’ve already signed up for a chemistry professor next semester who has a better reputation.

So no matter. Study with some peace of mind and quit worrying for God’s sake.


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