Blah-iology Lab Exam 1

So far this week, I’ve had a quiz for Chemistry lab and an exam in Biology Lab. I have a quiz for Chemistry lecture tomorrow morning.

My Bio Lab Exam was blah. I actually went to bed at 3 am early this morning and semi-slept/rested until 8:30-ish a.m. I made flashcards online, practiced them, and added to reference note sheets.

I took the exam at 2 pm today. This is my first lab exam, and my lecture instructor is also my lab instructor. I have difficulty following her. She makes everything she says seem conversational.

Don’t get me wrong. I think she’s really smart. She has a PhD from a prestigious university (which makes me wonder if she thought she wanted to teach introductory biology to community college students when she was in her program–I guess at some point she decided she wanted to). She tends to entertain really inane questions with a lot of enthusiasm (nearly all the white males in my class look like predators—one would not stop kicking this metal bar under his desk, even after I made eye contact with him to communicate that it was annoying) . Her praise and enthusiasm for answering stupid questions  makes me feel cross, so I’m telling myself that it’s good practice to mask my irritation and learn to be patient.

We don’t have a lab manual, so I try to Google stuff as much as I can. I don’t think I got an A. She doesn’t mind taking off points, and she also said today she doesn’t like students who argue about getting a point back (that would mean she doesn’t like students like me).

One girl in class who seems well-prepared said that the fossil we were supposed to identify (a trilobite) was classified as “remains” and I had answered that it was actually an impression.

I was also confused when faced with histograms of allelic frequencies and genotypic frequencies. Yes, we went over them during our last lab, but the trouble was was that we used our classmates’ data, which I didn’t find very reliable.  I actually (oddly enough, because I’m extremely organized) can’t find my notes for that lab, though I suspect I probably thought the notes weren’t worth taking because she was talking really fast and I figured I could look it up (could I have, actually? We have a textbook that doesn’t have a lot of stuff).

I was feeling fairly confident about some parts of the exam, but then I started wondering if I’d messed up on the dates part. I wasn’t worried at the time.

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