Well, gah!

Well, now I just feel bummed and unmotivated  for studying for Part 2 of the Chem exam because of this morning’s exam.  Jeez,  Priya, have some resilience.  You were tired and anxious and worried.

I guess part of this is that I had high hopes for having a good rapport with my prof, but it’s clear that that’s largely up to her. She vacillates between indifferent to and annoyed by me.

I feel lonely, too, this semester. The kids in my class are younger, Bio 102 isn’t always interesting and the professor gets overexcited about stuff.

I feel a little lost, and tired. I’m already worried about final exams. I’m worried about my ability/inability to retain huge amounts of information. I suppose all I can do about that is research it, and figure out how much I can expect of myself and how I can develop a greater capacity for holding onto information.

Whenever I sit down with an exam, I always take a few minutes to calm myself down, and if I get anxious, I slow down. I can hear myself tell myself to calm down and think. I can’t do that. I really need to focus even better.

But how?


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