The Yuckness

I’ve been feeling very anxious lately about all the stuff that’s upcoming: standardized exams, quizzes, finals, etc.  My eyelid started twitching, and I can’t seem to will it to stop. I started having some panic attacks, even on days where there weren’t exams.

I’ve been a baby. When I didn’t do well on Chem Exam 2, I let it get to me. And I stopped sleeping regularly. I think my immature and superstitious subconscious started waving her hands around and proclaiming that I was doomed. I stayed up all night before exams. I didn’t eat.  I didn’t cry, but I felt chest pains. I don’t have health insurance. I felt bad. Then I got an 82% on my Bio Lab Exam 2. March was cruel.

And then I learned my anemia was bad. Hadn’t taken vitamins or supplements. Life changes so drastically when I do remember to take them. Everything quickly heads south when I haven’t had them.

It’s such a HUGE BIG DEAL to do well in Chem 102. he general sense is that you must be excellent at chemistry or you’re  I have an excellent professor.  I have a TON of time to spend studying. There’s no excuse.

I took my third chem exam this morning. I stayed up all night (but slept for 3 hours, yay). I have a new lamp that does not cause me eyestrain. It arrived yesterday and I put it to use while studying.

I have to figure out what from the third exam (it was a little sad how closely it mimicked our homework problems and the sample exam from last year when often her previous exams didn’t. I hope I didn’t make a slew of stupid mistakes. So that’s why I’m checking.

I have to do well on the American Chem Soc. exam so I can skip the final. MUST MUST MUST.

I could really use a nap as well. So tired. I am not doing a lot of things right.

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