Final final tomorrow

This hasn’t been a slam dunk semester. I took my Chem 102 final exam this morning. I did that stupid thing where I stayed up all night long (rested for an hour), but it was okay. I couldn’t think of the symbol for mercury (Hg), and that’s embarrassing.

I have a final today at 3 pm for Biology. I’m only now reviewing for it. If I do well (very well) on it, I don’t have to take the lab exam. I’m tired and hungry, and the last lab (frog dissection) has been wreaking havoc on my appetite for the past week.

I missed the lab review session this weekend because I was ill and Chem is always the priority.

I’m taking O-Chem this summer. I’m petrified. I can’t believe I let myself get talked into it (for the sake of the PCAT).

In other news, NPR reports that nurses graduating now are having a hard time finding work. The shortage will be in effect once the nurses who came back to work instead of retiring get too old.

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