Summer of PCAT

Got an A in Chem 102 and an A in the second half of biology. It was a relief. I barely made an A in the second half of bio, to be truthful. I was not happy with my final lecture exam score, but I attribute that to having studied far more intensely for the cumulative chemistry final.

I was supposed to take O-Chem this summer, but driving back from Indiana, I realized that I was afraid. I’m taking the July 27th PCAT and my O-Chem I class would have ended on July 8. It was a one month class. My eyelid started twitching, and I know what would happen. I’d end up devoting all my attention to O-Chem. I would not end up spending a sufficient amount of time trying to master the PCAT.

So I’m at my desk, making biology PCAT flashcards. I installed the new iTunes on my own computer so I can update my iOS and put a flashcard app on it (for bio and verbal sections). Yesterday, I made a rough draft of a study schedule.  I’m putting science podcasts on in the background (the apartment is lonely, and when S. comes home, I’m too distracted to pay enough attention).  I have 16 chapters of biology to go through, 12 chapters of chemistry, and 15 chapters of organic chemistry.

Pharmcas opens up on the 4th (3 more days to go).  I have to find the courage to ask my professors for recommendation letters.  That’s scary. I can’t ask my Bio II professor because the end was sort of a disaster (even though I really like her and wish she and I could be friends).  I guess I’ll ask my Microbiology and Chemistry II professors. Maybe I’ll ask my old advisor (he’s still my friend on Facebook). I have to figure this out.

In the meantime, I have to figure out how to bag the PCAT. Relatedly, I have to figure out how to manage my anxiety successfully and without the use of a tablespoon of brandy, which I hate.




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