Hitting the Reset

I took the PCAT yesterday, after a sleepless night. It’s been a really rough week. When I get nervous, I can’t eat. I had planned to drink a meal replacement. I had planned to talk myself into getting into bed.  I tried, and found I was too rattled to sleep. And my hunger pains were ripping my stomach.

I found myself desperately wishing I had had more time to study. It seemed crazy to only spend five weeks studying for it. I found this helpful stuff on the PCAT website at the last minute (because I’d been avoiding SDN—the bitchiest boyzone forum that is occasionally helpful that I’ve personally ever encountered).

At the eleventh hour, I’d lamented that I hadn’t sent away for updates from Dr. Collins since I’d ordered his materials last summer, nearly a year ago.

I hit no score after the exam because I’d been totally drowsy during the Quant section. It wasn’t hard, but I have to get into the habit of actually finishing all fifty questions in forty minutes. I have to learn to do stuff in my head and identify the correct answer.

Also, I haven’t mastered O-Chem since I haven’t taken it and didn’t do great trying to learn it on my own in a month while studying other stuff.

My overall impression: It wasn’t bad! I know I can ace this test now, and not feel afraid. Awesome. Expensive lesson, but good to know.

Yay! Don’t panic!


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