31 Days Until A Brand New Me

Since the July PCAT, I have:

  1. Written my PharmCAS essay
  2. Secured 2 out of 4 recommendation letters
  3. Scheduled an interview with the hospital volunteer coordinator
  4. Gotten 2/3 of my transcripts in to PharmCAS (U of C better step it up. I didn’t pay $15 to let them send it at their leisure.)
  5. Started to add schools outside of my top choice to my list.
  6. Selected what kind of pharmacist I want to be
  7. Made a plan for the Sept. PCAT
  8. Built a daily study schedule up to test day
One of my aims is to not go a day without studying O-Chem. I’m signed up for O-Chem at a campus of my school I haven’t yet visited, but the professor comes highly recommended.
I’m feeling a little frustrated with my focus today, and other things. My apartment is a mess.  I’m sometimes not as relaxed and ready to face my workload as I’d like to be.  I have a ton of chores to do.  If I start looking at pharmacy school websites, I get all daydreamy and overexcited about the possibility of living somewhere new (despite the fact that only 1 place on my list is somewhere I’d actually want to live, and that’s going to cost a bundle in tuition and moving expenses).
I think I’m feeling the way I did as the PCAT in July crept up. All these feelings of “I’m not ready!” It will be okay. Cal Newport says the person who studies without a plan tends to be the one that suffers. I have a plan. And I’m going to make another plan about what to cover/do in the last two days before the PCAT.
Hopefully in 31 days, I’ll feel more in control, and hair and nails will be in better shape, and I won’t have fallen into that trap of freaking out about the PCAT. Because in reality, I’m really lucky to have the opportunity to go to school full-time right now, with other people helping me.
Relax, Priya. Breathe.

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