How lazy can I be today? Let me count the ways!

You know what’s better than reviewing Quant? I’ll make you a list:

  1. Changing my WordPress theme
  2. Seeing Lauren Conrad take MTV Cribs on a tour of her parents’ megamansion
  3. Designing a new blog for myself so I can kick my own ass about stuff outside of school
  4. Watching an episode of “Dance Moms” and feeling like I wanted to shower after the experience.
  5. Making licorice tea to settle my stomach
  6. Promising myself that I won’t over indulge in wine again
  7. Feeling ill
  8. Looking for a roll-on toner (like a witch hazel blemish stick but bigger)
  9. Killing my headache with some Aleve
  10. Realizing I need to grow up and get focused or lose this chance to get what I really, truly want
Ah, so many ways to waste my own time. I think I’m a little sad about starting school again. I made a schedule and I know how hyperfocused  obsessive I can get with one subject.

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