OChem and other nightmares

This might end up the the title of my autobiography.

Look, I’m sick of acting like a nervous brat. I’m so entirely sick of it. I moan and groan and ache over stupid quizzes. I get emotional, and it’s not a quality I like in myself.

I can list the reasons why it’s a Waste of Time:

  1. It’s dumb.
  2. It’s stupid.
  3. It’s a waste of emotional energy.
  4. It’s most definitely a waste of mental energy
  5. It keeps you from attaining the confidence and strength you need to get back on the proverbial horse again.

I got back my first quiz today and it was a reality check. I stayed up all night on Tuesday to study/catch up because I couldn’t stick to a disciplined routine. I thought I had, at most, gotten a couple of points off. No. I got a 40%, and that was only because I got the extra credit correct.

I spent some time wallowing, and for some fucking crazy reason, worrying that it was a fucking omen or something about how I’d do. The hell?

We all know (okay, I know, you don’t), EXACTLY why I did poorly. And it wasn’t because of a fucking omen. Let me list the reasons:

1. I only did the HW for Chap 1.

2. I didn’t read the chapters 2 & 3.

3. He announced on Monday there was a Wednesday quiz.

4. I had a volunteer orientation on Tuesday evening.

5. I spent all last weekend on PCATs

6. I had Physics HW due Monday and a prelab for OChem.

7. I stayed up all night like a dang fool.

Also, I’ve been buzzing with low-level anxiety about the stupid PCATs. So calm the fuck down, Priya and do your fucking homework instead of half-assing it. Jesus!

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