Want to be the girl with the most cake….

Our first organic chemistry exam is coming up on Monday. I’m nervous. I have not been doing well so far.

I think part of it is that I’ve been stressed. There’s been so much going on. And perhaps this sounds exceptionally silly, but I didn’t exactly realize I’d signed up for 12 credits. I considered Public Speaking a blow-off class, but the truth is, it has tests and stuff that’s due regularly.

I dropped Physics because I made a list of schools I wanted to go to, and I realized that a lot of them didn’t really even require physics or required only 1 semester, or they just need you to be done with both parts by the end of Summer 2012. So I can take the first part next semester instead.

I’m not going to freak out about a W. Honestly, life happens. When you’re an adult, you need to juggle things and make room for error. Assigning W’s are actually silly, but I guess it’s fair. I think you should be able to withdraw without a W before you take any midterms. But whatever. I commute between two campuses nearly everyday, and gas isn’t cheap. If adcoms don’t understand that, then they’re living in a bubble of privilege.

So I will now be hyperfocused on OChem. I did miserably on my stereoisomer lab and my first lecture quiz. I like my professor as a person, but I don’t think he’s a great professor. I really like Khan Academy’s lectures (I’m a little afraid of the mistakes in it, but viewers point out mistakes and he does point them out in notes).

I want to be a master of organic chemistry. I want to master it so I can crush Biochemistry, when that comes my way.

I have to figure out how to get PharmCAS to replace my transcripts. I need to call them. And I need to look at that AACP spreadsheet that details prereqs for each school.

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