Is it me? (Yup.)

I never intended to make this blog a confessional. I do like to track when I screw up and how I can improve myself, but I think what I’m about to say comes more from a place that feels guilty.

So last week, I busted my hump over Exam I in Organic Chem. I got an 88% (my lab partner got a near perfect score, which I am jealous of (and I vow to be a better student than her)). I dropped Physics recently.

But today, my speech in for PS went over by 3 minutes. I hadn’t practiced it. I think I spend so much time fretting over OChem and pharmacy school, that I decided I would attempt to soothe my worries about it by spending more time on it. I was going to get up early and practice my speech, but I had a monstrous set of cramps and a headache to boot this morning that I decided I’d probably be fine.

[Another problem is also that my school makes you pay for printing now, so I have to buy a print card and print it at school. It’s annoying. I should really get a printer for myself. I know I’ll need one. It would make me more efficient. Hmmm….maybe that’s what I’ll do now.]

But now that I spoiled my second speech (and my prof seemed stern about it), I feel like I absolutely cannot get a B in Public Speaking. So I have to step up my game, of course. I have 5 bonus points from the first speech, so maybe I can still weasel my way to an A of some kind, if this wasn’t a total mess. I have an exam in PS on Friday, so I will have to study hard for that, finagle a solid A.

Now if I can just figure out how to get my upstairs neighbor to quiet down their noise. It’s driving me crazy.


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