New Bad Habits

I have not been feeling motivated. Now that the PCAT is done (and done well), for some reason, I feel like a turtle who is withdrawing into the shell.

I could be tired. I could be slightly burned out. I could be overloaded with things to do and am just getting by. I might be procrastinating because I’m seeking some kind of sensation. Or maybe I’m lazier after having the whole summer plus 1 month to study for PCATs.

Maybe my prioritization technique is actually a crutch that keeps me from doing as well as I could. Maybe not doing awesome right off the bat in OChem made me so anxious and my self esteem is so low that my mind decided to sleepwalk this semester.

I’d like to blame it on my cold and on my period, but I’m not sure. Lack of iron? Perhaps.

A part of me thinks that I’m doing this because I don’t want to get sucked into getting too interested in a frilly class.

Whatever the case, here I am today: nearly 3am and pulling an all-nighter reading for a Speech class midterm exam tomorrow. Of all the dumb things.


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