Oh boyoboyboyoboy….

Not quite sure how I’ll explain this to the admissions committee: I dropped OChem.

Priya’s List of Reasons Why:

  • My professor did not take my seriousness seriously.

He was more of a showboater. He had somehow decided what grades we would all get already and didn’t work with the system.

  • My professor did not have set dates for exams or quizzes.
  • My professor’s grading scale was not easy to decipher, and at best, random.

Apparently everything was going to be “fine.”

  • I didn’t appreciate his political commentary. It’s inappropriate for a hard science course.
  • He didn’t give me a sample of an honors paper. He said he was “getting it” and then he didn’t. I asked every week until I dropped.
  • He didn’t seem very credible. A lot of the time he was unsure of a response.
  • He didn’t read our textbook. He made mistakes in lecture.

My Chem II professor kept up with the book. This guy didn’t. Why?

My guess is that he has other things on his mind. His newborn, his contempt for community college students, his ballooning weight, his need to look like he knows what’s going on when he doesn’t.

  • He didn’t put his stupid smartphone away, ever.
The week before I left, he took a call about rims at the beginning of lecture. Seriously? Also, he was on his stupid smartphone all of the time.

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