Concept Mapping

Eureka! I think I just found a solution!

Okay, I’m starting to work on one for a review of biology, and it’s not easy. I’m prowling online to figure out how to do this right.  I’m looking at this site right now. I had a basic idea for how to make one, but I didn’t use post-its and I don’t have anything memorized (is that bad? I thought the concept maps would help you memorize and become fluent. I thought that was my whole purpose for even trying to do it). I sort of glided over the brainstorming and am doing the layout knowing fully well that I may have to sketch this all out a few times.

So far, though, I just have two pieces of scratch paper where everything is outlined. Hmmm. I’m going to have to run through this a few times, I think.


If I were a rich (wo)man

Pharmacy school it is. I have read, researched, and am preparing myself for the Fall 2010 "Priya Returns to School" extravaganza.

Naturally, with all this worry about money percolating, it’s not easy to fall asleep anymore. It’s a long road. I won’t be able to get to start school until Fall 2012, which is okay. Unless my fiance loses his job. His boss has missed payroll for the third time.

I’m trying to think if I can get a pharmacy tech job. It seems really difficult to obtain one. I haven’t seen any that don’t require certification on Indeed or Simply Hired. It looks like I’m going to have to take the certification test, and then somehow finagle a position if I’m super serious.

Or find another kind of part-time job, and mix that up with volunteering somehow. As one pharmacy blogger said, I’d better get my behind in a pharmacy sooner or later. I need to stop being scared to apply and get on the ball. It’s already March.

The endocrine system is hard

I read the chapter about the endocrine system and felt discouraged. I don’t know how to retain all that information. I tried to sketch out a little chart in my head that could summarize the mechanisms and sort them out, but it was way complicated. I had no idea how to create that table.

When I doubt my abilities and feel overwhelmed, I remind myself of how my sister used to pretty much sit at the table from nine a.m. to midnight. You have to work hard. Most people have to work hard, anyway. And I will get my brain around this, even though it leaves my right temple throbbing.

I pulled out my Dummies Guides, and am looking at them. They are a lot less complex. Also, I think the key is to reread the chapter and answer the questions off the website. The website questions, weirdly enough, don’t look very daunting at all. They ask questions that I can answer.

But that confuses me — why do I read the text and get confused and overwhelmed? Yet when I answer questions off a website, that’s what focuses me on what I need to know. Shouldn’t the text help me focus on what I need to know?

Maybe I should just order the study guide to the textbook. I thought it was a waste of money, but it might just help make me feel more like an expert instead of a novice (though I really am a novice, which is probably part of the frustration).

One basket

As much as I’m trying to shovel away money so I can go to school full-time in the fall semester, the prospect of not working and living off of my meager savings is really scary. I’m going to need a job. My current work is not the kind of thing that can be done part-time, and I thought maybe I could finagle a job as a pharmacy tech. It will probably be crazy difficult though, unfortunately, because I live in an area that seems to be extremely competitive. There are probably a ton of CVS/Walgreens/Rite-Aids, etc., but there’s also a whole host of community colleges and for-profit institutes offering pharm tech certifications. It’s sort of ridiculous. I’m not sure I’d be competitive with those folks, since I have a BA and MA and just office experience, rather than retail experience. Maybe they’d feel like someone with an AA should get a chance to do what they’re certified to do because they might not be competitive for another kind of job. Maybe I would hate being a pharm tech or get stuck being one forever if I couldn’t get into pharm school.

The heart of the matter is that it’s scary to put all of my eggs in one basket. It’s nearly March. I have to figure out how to move forward.

Never met a choice I didn’t like

There are downsides to every career. Most lawyers discourage pre-law students from going into law, nurses warn pre-nursing students that they shouldn’t go into nursing unless they’re passionate about it, and doctors who still have the hell of med school and residency fresh on their brains offer to pay you to please consider never attending med school. Read the rest of this entry »

27 January, 2010 16:11

So second semester has started. We’re starting with the nervous system. I have to get my lab and quiz done this weekend so I can have some quality time with a college friend.

This semester, I’ve committed myself to going out more and scheduling my time better. I usually love just wafting into hours of studying, with nothing pressing to do and no need to be efficient about it. I’ve somehow gotten used to not doing very much and have to get back into study mode. Read the rest of this entry »

Dear Wisemind

I just wrote four paragraphs of deep stuff (or stuff that could be interpreted as deep but misrepresents my current emotional state). Then I erased it. I don’t want to navel gaze about my life situation because it doesn’t help. I tend think about everything all wrong, in a romantic "poor me" way that is totally nonproductive way.

The facts: I’ve moved to Rockville, MD. This is good because then I can apply to UMD when the time comes.

I’m keeping the channels clear for A&P II, which begins on Jan. 19.

Taking a breath and starting again

January isn’t that far away and I realize I have to make up some rules for myself regarding how I’m going to approach this next semester. Read the rest of this entry »

Why I should keep my eyes on my own paper

I wrote about this lady blogger who is a nontraditional premed student, but I think I deleted that entry. I read her blog in reverse chronological order and the more I read, the more it made me feel sorry for her total cluelessness. Aside from the “Obama is a socialist” garbage, it was easy for a pre-med to want to distance himself from her after she posted what looks like a draft of her personal statement.

I read it. It was pretty bad. Maybe the admissions committees are made up of people who love that kind of garbage, but I felt gross after reading it. It was treacle-y, nonsensical, and, if I were on an admissions committee, I would wonder why we didn’t just put “common sense” down as a prerequisite. The story this woman tells is sort of grotesque. Some weeks after enrolling in a few student-at-large classes at the flagship campus of University of Minnesota, she encountered a black teenager with a knife wound in his leg. She asked what happened and he asked if she wanted to see it. She said yes and explained that she was in school to eventually attend med school. Then, it got worse.

Read the rest of this entry »

Vaso-vagal madness

Sunday was rough.

I went to the MinuteClinic at CVS (my boyfriend took me up there so I could get a quick checkup for something minor and get a scrip) and saw that they had flu shots. Goody, I thought, signing myself and my boyfriend up. I’ve been pretty concerned, mainly for him, because he tends to get whatever is going around and while I might get a cold or whatever, I never get the flu. But, nevertheless, they had flu shots and we have health insurance, so why take chances? Read the rest of this entry »

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