It’s not like reading “Twilight”

I know I go over and over how to actually study science. It’s not easy, the least easy part being actually reading the textbook. I have a study outline I pulled off the web to go with my textbook, and I’m always fighting feeling discouraged because science, for me, is not intuitive. A&P is not intuitive. Maybe it is for some people, but not me.

I had to actually google “how to study science,” a awhile back (before my bio course) to figure out how to approach studying, because otherwise, I would have thought that this just wasn’t for me. Also, I would have wasted a ton of time, which is silly considering there’s so much material and content available on the internet and in the public library today.

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Okay, so I just finished my quiz and I am 1 chapter test and 1 comprehensive final exam away from being done with A&P II. I was battling my “dragon” (the malaise of getting through the rest of A&P II) through Chapter 22, but as soon as I finished my Chapter 22 quiz, my spirits just lifted magically.  I felt the old competitive rush.

I have to reread Chapter 20, 21, and 22, and do some practice questions before I can take the exam that covers all three (though slogging through the chapter on water, electrolytes, and acid-base balance is not appealing, but it’s not holding me back either), but this is very exciting! I’m so thrilled my little dragon is weakening.

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Passion in Fashion

Every time I pick a new career direction, I get all dreamy about it and excited. After a few weeks or months, that excitement is replaced by fear that I will be miserable with my decision once I invest a lot of time and money into it.

The problem with making a decision in a health-related field is that you have to invest time and money into it. You have to decide and then you have to commit, often without knowing how you’ll change. Okay, maybe that’s true for a vast number of professions.

A lot of pre-meds I know quit being pre-meds because studying for O-Chem was too stressful, and after talking too much about med school and getting extremely scared that even if they did their best their efforts might be for nothing, they quit and sought out new directions that seemed to have fewer obstacles. One friend had been pre-med and a biochem major. I think she was rejected from med school or her grades weren’t very good, and so, within a year, she took the LSAT and enrolled at her state law school.

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27 January, 2010 16:11

So second semester has started. We’re starting with the nervous system. I have to get my lab and quiz done this weekend so I can have some quality time with a college friend.

This semester, I’ve committed myself to going out more and scheduling my time better. I usually love just wafting into hours of studying, with nothing pressing to do and no need to be efficient about it. I’ve somehow gotten used to not doing very much and have to get back into study mode. Read the rest of this entry »

The library is a scary place…

I’m at the library, getting an early jumpstart on studying for A&P I, and there are two med students (I think they’re med students because they’re obviously friends and one is wearing a GWU Medicine sweatshirt). They’re gossiping a lot for two people being serious about studying. I can’t hear what they’re talking about. They’re using that level of whisper that is impossible to hear but sounds like a swarm of mosquitos. One of them is talking about how something is gross. I’d like to put my headphones in my ears but one of them is missing the soft rubber tip.

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Taking a breath and starting again

January isn’t that far away and I realize I have to make up some rules for myself regarding how I’m going to approach this next semester. Read the rest of this entry »

I don't know where my towel is

I didn’t take my exam last night. I meant to, but it got to be past 10 pm and I was tired. I needed to study more and by the time I felt slightly close to ready, I was totally exhausted. My eyes couldn’t read things properly, and that’s a big problem. You have to be able to read the test questions properly, and my eyes get useless.

I was tired, cranky, irritable and sad. So anxious.

The nightmare has to end tonight with my taking the final exam.

Final Exam: I may have to purchase a DeLorean

I studied my head and heart out Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (and I confess, throughout my intensive, time-consuming study sessions, I had feelings of doubt concerning whether I was studying the right way for this exam — possibly I should have tried to get more info from the professor, but I didn’t know how to phrase it diplomatically), and I’m doing almost everything I can think to do. I’m exhausted. I didn’t sleep for more than a few hours last night, and I’m having a tough time kick starting my brain. I’m going to breathe a little and keep calm. Read the rest of this entry »

A cup of coffee at six [p.m.]

A cup of coffee at six will do the trick. I am not a fan of coffee, but I’ll drink it to feel more awake right now.

I have to take my final exam this weekend. Due to the hardest week of work in recent memory, I’m behind on my study schedule. If I’m to take the exam on Sunday, then I have to complete the study of three chapters tonight. I was originally scheduled to do two chapters of studying a night starting Monday, but work got in the way and I didn’t go home until 10 p.m. for a couple of nights this week. Yesterday, I got home at a decent hour but I was emotionally really fatigued. I tried to read, but I was exhausted.

So today, I spent a good chunk of time studying, but it’s 8 p.m. Eastern and I’ve just now started chapter three. So I’m going to keep on trucking until 9 p.m. and then leave work and head home on the bus.

It’s tough, but a girl has to be able to pay her rent.

Being impulsive is not cool

One of my worst habits is to be impulsive about test-taking. I desperately want to just take the exam. I’ve run out of questions from the McGraw-Hill website and just want to go ahead and take the test already. (When I’m tired, I get impatient and impulsive.)

The problem is is that it’s 11:19 p.m. and I’m flagging. I’ve been studying since 3 p.m. I’ve threatened to take the exam several times already but I’m worried it will turn out like the last chapter exam. And I just don’t want to bother getting anything less than an A in this class if I can help it.

My fear is that I’m going to forget everything I learned today overnight. But, rest may just consolidate learning, so I will have to get up early and get on this tomorrow morning, re-read the chapter, go over my notes, take some practice quizzes off the publisher’s website, and take my exam. Before noon.

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