Fall final exam review: notes

As I mentioned in my last post, I received an A in Microbiology and an A in Chemistry.

I received an A in Chemistry, and I’m a little bit surprised. I’m pretty sure I did horribly on my Chemistry final (though I will never get to see it).

I did a bunch of things wrong that I hope to remind myself about so I don’t do them again.

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When you can’t quite eff it

I’ve been so frustrated with my chemistry professor’s style of teaching that I have sometimes felt unmotivated and had to fight through it. I’d prefer if she did samples of problems that she demonstrated in class. I’d prefer if she didn’t make mistakes. I’d prefer it if she and I weren’t on two different wavelengths. This is what I was worried about when deciding to attend a brick and mortar school. She is a pretty lousy communicator. She makes mistakes constantly.

And I think a good teacher gives you confidence that you have all the tools necessary to do well. With her, I sometimes just want to quit trying. And that’s incredibly childish of me. This class, this grade is about me. I have to learn chemistry. I have to do well. There’s no two ways about it. I can finally forget that she exists, because I did all the work necessary for her now. Now it’s about the department final exam. My intellectual tantrum isn’t going to get me into pharmacy school. I’ve already signed up for a chemistry professor next semester who has a better reputation.

So no matter. Study with some peace of mind and quit worrying for God’s sake.

Final exams and the difficulty of staying positive

So I got an A in Microbiology on Exam 4 (90), Lab Practical 2 (92-I have a story to tell about this), and 50 out of 50 for the final lab report unknown. This means I didn’t have to take the final exam this morning, which theoretically gave me more time to study for Chemistry. Of course, I’m struggling, mainly due to some problems I have with the last 3 chapters.

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Faring my recent exams

So last time I posted (last Wednesday), I felt ill after my Microbiology Lab Practical. I’d stayed up all night studying for it, was exhausted, and dreaded my results. I received my results shortly before Chemistry that evening. Read the rest of this entry »

Note to self

Dear Priya,

You’ve never shown a gift for time management, so let me use this post to remind you that your chemistry homework took 4 hours.

Yes, 4 hours.

You haven’t even looked at Microbiology yet.

And you aren’t even done with preparing your chemistry lab questions so you can study for the quiz instead of fretting over lab.

Good Lord.


Your face

Out damn pride

Fourth day of school. I have a Physics quiz this evening. I’m pretty low on energy (I’ll be revving up in a few). Things are going okay. Things that aren’t Chem 101.

Before I launch into this tale (that turns out okay in the end), let me remind you, I’ve taken college level chemistry at a real, four-year university. I worked my behind off, but I got straight A’s in that course. ┬áIn Chem 101 and Chem 102.

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First day of school

School went well for the most part. It was fun, actually, to be on a campus again. I live in a metro area and the school was packed. All of the parking lots were full. It was insane.

The eye-roll inducing part of the day came during chemistry. Now, I’ve taken both high school and college chemistry, and yes, it’s been 10 years, but I’m perfectly capable of doing well. I know this.

I took a diagnostic test for my chemistry class, and, like most of the class, I probably failed it. It’s been years since I’ve thought of molar mass or whatever. Bonds, yes, I get. Problem solving, I’m a little rusty on. I couldn’t remember how to calculate molar mass.

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