Final final tomorrow

This hasn’t been a slam dunk semester. I took my Chem 102 final exam this morning. I did that stupid thing where I stayed up all night long (rested for an hour), but it was okay. I couldn’t think of the symbol for mercury (Hg), and that’s embarrassing.

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Fall final exam review: notes

As I mentioned in my last post, I received an A in Microbiology and an A in Chemistry.

I received an A in Chemistry, and I’m a little bit surprised. I’m pretty sure I did horribly on my Chemistry final (though I will never get to see it).

I did a bunch of things wrong that I hope to remind myself about so I don’t do them again.

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Final exams and the difficulty of staying positive

So I got an A in Microbiology on Exam 4 (90), Lab Practical 2 (92-I have a story to tell about this), and 50 out of 50 for the final lab report unknown. This means I didn’t have to take the final exam this morning, which theoretically gave me more time to study for Chemistry. Of course, I’m struggling, mainly due to some problems I have with the last 3 chapters.

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I’ve been a little stressed lately. And I think, by not being totally honest with myself about it and not having stayed strong emotionally, I sort of screwed up. I’ll try to explain what happened.

Last Monday, my Chem prof decided to schedule  a chapter test covering 4 chapters for this Monday. Inside, I freaked. I sorted of freaked out at her, too, and told her, “I have a huge exam in Microbiology that same day. I don’t think I can do both.”

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AP II is over!

A&P II is OVER! Oh my Lord, that exam was so scary. It was two and a half hours long and nearly 200 questions, and, in the middle of it, I honestly thought I was going to fail. I left a ton blank so I could go back to them and look at them again. I spent the first few minutes of the exam calming myself down. I was actually shaking. I had to tell myself, "Listen, you’re taking the PCAT next summer and you can’t be a baby about this. This is far easier than any other exam is going to be."

My weakest area is the cardiovascular system. I’m going to start cleaning the apartment and rest up. I came down with a terrible head cold and flu-ish symptoms over the past two days. My body aches. I’ve been wearing the same clothes for two days straight as I attempted to screw up some motivation for this exam.

It’s been so difficult over the past semester. I meant to be a better student, but for the last exam and this final, I couldn’t muster up the energy to care. Why? I’m a little burned out by work. I’m a little burned out by thinking about my future, what’s going to happen, the great leap of faith I’m going to have to take in going back to school.

I have a lot of pre-studying to do this summer to make sure I do decently next fall at the local community college. It’s not going to be easy; I’m beat. I have to re-approach this material in a new and fresh way.

Final Exam: I may have to purchase a DeLorean

I studied my head and heart out Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (and I confess, throughout my intensive, time-consuming study sessions, I had feelings of doubt concerning whether I was studying the right way for this exam — possibly I should have tried to get more info from the professor, but I didn’t know how to phrase it diplomatically), and I’m doing almost everything I can think to do. I’m exhausted. I didn’t sleep for more than a few hours last night, and I’m having a tough time kick starting my brain. I’m going to breathe a little and keep calm. Read the rest of this entry »