Fall final exam review: notes

As I mentioned in my last post, I received an A in Microbiology and an A in Chemistry.

I received an A in Chemistry, and I’m a little bit surprised. I’m pretty sure I did horribly on my Chemistry final (though I will never get to see it).

I did a bunch of things wrong that I hope to remind myself about so I don’t do them again.

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Window of opportunity

Happy New Year. I can’t believe it’s 2011. The feeling is a little bittersweet. Partly because I suspect most people think I’m old and I should have it all figured out by now. I should probably have a house and a car and a career. I should probably be married. I should probably be seriously considering kids because I won’t have any good eggs left in a couple of years.  I certainly shouldn’t be thinking about pharmacy school. Since I have a couple of degrees, I shouldn’t be at community college looking at a a program that will take up at least the next five years of my life. Think of the opportunity cost.

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My prof posted the scores. I got a 90. With bonus points scored in lab today (5), I can round it to a collective 95% earned today. Phew phew phew phew. No final (because the final can’t replace the lab practical).

Oh my Lord. I can finally take a nap.

After I calculate what score I need on the lab practical.

Yay! Now I can focus on the chemistry lab exam, which my professor said people who do well in the class sometimes fail, after reminding us that if we don’t do well on it, we fail the whole course, lecture and lab.

Her pep talks leave a lot to be desired.


I’ve been a little stressed lately. And I think, by not being totally honest with myself about it and not having stayed strong emotionally, I sort of screwed up. I’ll try to explain what happened.

Last Monday, my Chem prof decided to schedule  a chapter test covering 4 chapters for this Monday. Inside, I freaked. I sorted of freaked out at her, too, and told her, “I have a huge exam in Microbiology that same day. I don’t think I can do both.”

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Midsemester microbiology malaise

I’ve made it so far into the semester, and I had a frustrating episode with my Microbiology professor last week that’s made me feel…well, both irritated and genuinely apologetic.

He can be very condescending, which is weird, seeing as he’s taught this class for a long time and you’d think he wouldn’t be so sarcastic with us all the time, or with me, specifically, because I’m an adult and I don’t appreciate it. Of course, snapping at him didn’t make me seem adult, but it’s the middle of the semester, I’m getting an A- so far, and I’m always prepared (even if he thinks I ask dumb questions), so I feel entitled to being treated especially nicely, simply because I try.

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Faring my recent exams

So last time I posted (last Wednesday), I felt ill after my Microbiology Lab Practical. I’d stayed up all night studying for it, was exhausted, and dreaded my results. I received my results shortly before Chemistry that evening. Read the rest of this entry »

A tired October

I just took my first Microbiology Lab Practical. And I feel ill.

Not that I think I bombed it. No, I feel ill because I feverishly made flashcards yesterday. I’ve been trying to figure out how to study best for these things, what to expect, etc., and I overprepare and underperform. I’m attracted to complicated information that comes in handy maybe 1/50 questions.

I slept about 2 hours last night because a perfect exam in Microbiology is my white whale. I saw that on the first exam, two people scored perfect papers. I didn’t. I got a low B. The average was a low C. Read the rest of this entry »

Bacterial Betrayal

Had my first Microbiology exam today. I studied for awhile. I think I should have started to study sooner, but with my poorly paying part time job and studying for chemistry, I didn’t. Instead, I studied from 3 pm Saturday onwards.

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In ProcrastiNation

So last week, I took my first physics quiz. The next day, I dropped the class.

I did well on the quiz, but Chemistry had me so incredibly worried. Plus, I was bummed that I couldn’t finish my physics homework in 8 hours, meaning I couldn’t read and absorb the chapter and then finish the homework.

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First day of school

School went well for the most part. It was fun, actually, to be on a campus again. I live in a metro area and the school was packed. All of the parking lots were full. It was insane.

The eye-roll inducing part of the day came during chemistry. Now, I’ve taken both high school and college chemistry, and yes, it’s been 10 years, but I’m perfectly capable of doing well. I know this.

I took a diagnostic test for my chemistry class, and, like most of the class, I probably failed it. It’s been years since I’ve thought of molar mass or whatever. Bonds, yes, I get. Problem solving, I’m a little rusty on. I couldn’t remember how to calculate molar mass.

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