Anxiety! Be Gone!

Things were going okay, and then this week has me frazzled. I’m trying to finish up a physics lab and prepare for a “conceptual quiz” based on some of my prof’s lectures (I missed Monday because of an orientation at the hospital for a volunteer position).

Frick frick frick frick. I had a quiz in OChem lecture. A quiz in Physics.The PCAT on Monday. And I have a quiz in OChem discussion tomorrow. I have to go to the stupid hospital to get my stupid TB test checked after my class ends at 8:30 pm.

Power through, Priya!


Letter from my lifecoach

Dear Priya,

You have 21 days until your September PCAT, and it seems like you haven’t been accomplishing much lately.

I’m not judging you, I’m just making you aware of it so we can figure out how to get you back on track. I think you probably felt overwhelmed because your strategy hasn’t been specific enough. It shouldn’t take so long for you to review the quant stuff. Seriously.

I’m not going to go into the whys–the only thing that’s important is how to get back on track. I have a few ideas:

  1. Stop psyching yourself out
  2. Do what you need to do to relax–just don’t overdo it or you won’t be able to concentrate
  3. It takes awhile to get into the “studyzone.” Once you get into it, you know that it’s a really happy and exciting place for you. You love to learn and you love to achieve
  4. Drink more water and less diet Coke.
  5. Don’t forget to take your iron supplements
  6. Let’s be more specific about what you want to accomplish on the weekdays, and be less scheduled on the weekends.
Remember how you felt the day before the July PCAT? You don’t want to feel that way this time. So get it together now.
We’ll talk more later.
Ursula Fitzmonster

How lazy can I be today? Let me count the ways!

You know what’s better than reviewing Quant? I’ll make you a list:

  1. Changing my WordPress theme
  2. Seeing Lauren Conrad take MTV Cribs on a tour of her parents’ megamansion
  3. Designing a new blog for myself so I can kick my own ass about stuff outside of school
  4. Watching an episode of “Dance Moms” and feeling like I wanted to shower after the experience.
  5. Making licorice tea to settle my stomach Read the rest of this entry »

31 Days Until A Brand New Me

Since the July PCAT, I have:

  1. Written my PharmCAS essay
  2. Secured 2 out of 4 recommendation letters
  3. Scheduled an interview with the hospital volunteer coordinator
  4. Gotten 2/3 of my transcripts in to PharmCAS (U of C better step it up. I didn’t pay $15 to let them send it at their leisure.)
  5. Started to add schools outside of my top choice to my list.
  6. Selected what kind of pharmacist I want to be
  7. Made a plan for the Sept. PCAT
  8. Built a daily study schedule up to test day Read the rest of this entry »

Hitting the Reset

I took the PCAT yesterday, after a sleepless night. It’s been a really rough week. When I get nervous, I can’t eat. I had planned to drink a meal replacement. I had planned to talk myself into getting into bed.  I tried, and found I was too rattled to sleep. And my hunger pains were ripping my stomach.

I found myself desperately wishing I had had more time to study. It seemed crazy to only spend five weeks studying for it. I found this helpful stuff on the PCAT website at the last minute (because I’d been avoiding SDN—the bitchiest boyzone forum that is occasionally helpful that I’ve personally ever encountered).

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No time to panic

The PCAT is Wednesday, July 27th.

I’m freaking out a little, when there is no need. I’ll do the best I can. I’ve been studying. I’m trying to get a Romanian gymnast’s level of concentration going. I’m wearing the outfit I’ll wear to the test center.

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Grrrs and Arghs

I have a little more than a month before the PCAT.

Every single day, I’ve been sitting at my desk and struggling through the Kaplan book. Sometimes my mind is more alert and willing than other times.

I feel woefully behind and deeply nervous.

Got to learn to handle it, of course. No other way to do it.

48 Days

I have roughly 48 days until the PCAT. I’ve stopped following my schedule.  I feel confused about how to study for this (I still don’t get why, but I’m guessing it has to do with the amount of material there is). I spend whole days on 1 chapter of one subject. It’s really tough.

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Summer of PCAT

Got an A in Chem 102 and an A in the second half of biology. It was a relief. I barely made an A in the second half of bio, to be truthful. I was not happy with my final lecture exam score, but I attribute that to having studied far more intensely for the cumulative chemistry final.

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Hello, Spring 2011

So school begins again tomorrow. I’m taking Chem 102 with a professor who is reputed to be very good, and also ends up having a C median. My Chem 101 professor (who was nice, but flaky and frustrating)  slammed her. However, she was named “Educator of the year,” and I think the people who work hard in her class end up giving her good reviews. She went to a very well reputed college that is grouped with mine. She does, however, come from a fairly racist and backwards state. But because she went to a college as liberal as mine, I’m not going to judge her for being from the afore-hinted at state.

She sent out the syllabus a week before our first class (she gets points for that), and I started the homework, which is on Chemical Kinetics. I feel frustrated with myself because I’m not completing the homework as fast as I wish. Obviously I have to be better acquainted with the material, or look at a Chemistry for Dummies book.  I am so impatient. I want to know it already, so I can enjoy it. But, as always, everything takes time.

In other news, I made up flashcards for the Biology portion of the PCAT. I took Set 1 of the Dr. Collins PCAT Study Guide for Biology exam. It went better than I thought, mainly because I studied the biology packet. There are things I need to continue studying and working at, and I have my biology stuff on an online flashcard platform that is accessible through iPod Touch. I hope that by downloading the app, I can get to my already existing flashcards.

I also came across some disappointing and confusing news. The PCAT, in 2011, will be in a new format. They’ve gone for computer-based testing. I know everyone likes thinking they’re modern and feel like they must adapt whatever they’re doing to utilize modern conveniences, but I wish that Pearson could give people a break. I am stick of looking at a computer screen. It would have been great to actually touch the test.

Furthermore, the traditional June PCAT is no more, and it will not be on a Saturday. I’m supposed to take Physics this summer. They’re offering it on July 20th and July 27th. Those are the only dates they give after February. I’m sort of confused there isn’t more chatter about this on the SDN PCAT forum. I didn’t see any whining or moaning about it, and I would like to, because it’s sort of a pain. I have expectations, darn it, and I don’t know if they get that taking it in July is a pain if someone wants to apply ED somewhere.

I have other questions that I’m not sure about asking. When do I create a PharmCAS profile? Presumably after I take the PCAT. Oh, and I have to figure out who to ask for a recommendation from. Presumably my Microbiology professor. But who else? I don’t want to bring attention to the fact that I took Biology and A&P online. I should ask my Chem 101 prof, but I find her frustrating. I’ll see if I can do well enough in Chem 102 that my prof, who will not disgrace me with misspellings  (being a graduate of a college with a good reputation), will do it. Of course, that puts the pressure on. Must do extremely well on exams and quizzes.

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