Blah-iology Lab Exam 1

So far this week, I’ve had a quiz for Chemistry lab and an exam in Biology Lab. I have a quiz for Chemistry lecture tomorrow morning.

My Bio Lab Exam was blah. I actually went to bed at 3 am early this morning and semi-slept/rested until 8:30-ish a.m. I made flashcards online, practiced them, and added to reference note sheets.

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The endocrine system is hard

I read the chapter about the endocrine system and felt discouraged. I don’t know how to retain all that information. I tried to sketch out a little chart in my head that could summarize the mechanisms and sort them out, but it was way complicated. I had no idea how to create that table.

When I doubt my abilities and feel overwhelmed, I remind myself of how my sister used to pretty much sit at the table from nine a.m. to midnight. You have to work hard. Most people have to work hard, anyway. And I will get my brain around this, even though it leaves my right temple throbbing.

I pulled out my Dummies Guides, and am looking at them. They are a lot less complex. Also, I think the key is to reread the chapter and answer the questions off the website. The website questions, weirdly enough, don’t look very daunting at all. They ask questions that I can answer.

But that confuses me — why do I read the text and get confused and overwhelmed? Yet when I answer questions off a website, that’s what focuses me on what I need to know. Shouldn’t the text help me focus on what I need to know?

Maybe I should just order the study guide to the textbook. I thought it was a waste of money, but it might just help make me feel more like an expert instead of a novice (though I really am a novice, which is probably part of the frustration).