Slushy, wintry mix=cancelled classes

The college parking lot was empty when I drove in this morning. Apparently classes had been cancelled due to a rumored Nor’easter. It’s hailing a little outside, but the hail is extremely tiny. I’m wondering how much money the colleges loses by cancelling classes on the spur of the moment like this. They have actually furloughed professors on some days.

I came home, and I’m trying to get started on chemistry, but I feel anxious about it. We’re doing Chemical Kinetics, and I’m not getting it that easily, so I feel impatient. Also, she gave a “How much do you remember from 1st semester?” pop quiz on Monday that she said we didn’t have to turn in. It stung to not have done as well as I hoped, so I didn’t turn it in. Neither did this Chinese girl, so I don’t feel like I’m a moron. Though I definitely need to get my anxiety under control when it comes to chemistry (since, you know, the PCAT and all).

Also, I could use some additional time learning how to hard focus. I know I feel pretty disappointed with how much time I waste, just to feel emotionally ready to concentrate. I’ve been using High Expectations Asian Father as a motivator (that’s how bad I feel about my inability to be completely studious).

Le sigh. Happy Wednesday.

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